GSEW 2018 – Global Space Economic Workshop “Space Cybersecurity for Mobility”

The Aerospace Technological District (DTA) of Apulia Region, together with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the European Space Agency (ESA) are jointly organising the Global Space Economic Workshop “Space Cybersecurity for Mobility” next May 24th at the Rosa Marina Resort, Ostuni, Brindisi, Apulia, Italy.The Workshop will bring together leaders of major space and non-space European stakeholders, both from institutions and commercial sectors, in order to interactively discuss about potential cooperative cyber-security initiatives and policies to support space services and transports.

Several panels will be organised with the participation of executives of major European space and non-space industries, academia, national authorities such as the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports (MIT), Italian Ministry of Defence/Direction of Aeronautical Armament and Airworthiness (ARMAEREO,) Italian Space Agency (ASI), other national space agencies, European Space Agency (ESA), and a number of European institutions to discuss new cross- cultural partnerships and promote disruptive innovation to address the challenges faced by the future mobility systems.

Working tables

The goal of the afternoon session is to get concrete suggestions on capacity building around space applications cybersecurity in the fields of aeronautics, automobile, infrastructures, maritime and railways. Participants will be invitate to focus on the following questions

– What are the business opportunities (customer, operators, vertical markets)

-What are the challenges, current weaknesses, and external threats?

– What is required in terms of e.g. capabilities, ecosystems and links to research, data and mobility ?

– How ESA, National Space Agencies, GSA and other European institutions can help industries to face the challenges and seize the opportunities ?

Participants from institutional and commercial parties, the communities and actors in the domain of autonomous vehicles (maritime, automotive, aviation and railway) and the cybersecurity community (e.g. institutions, industry, academia, experts etc.) are invited to attend the event.