SOUTH PLAN 2030 – Development and Cohesion for Italy – GIUSEPPE ACIERNO’ S SPEECH

SOUTH PLAN 2030 – Development and Cohesion for Italy – GIUSEPPE ACIERNO’ S SPEECH

We report the speech by the President of the Aerospace Technology District, Dr. Giuseppe Acierno, on the occasion of the I-Com (Institute for Competitiveness) Video Talk with the Minister for Southern Italy and Territorial Cohesion Giuseppe Provenzano.

“Innovation is the most important driver to guarantee growth, productivity and inclusion and the advent of digital has made this even more evident. Covid 19 has also made everyone understand how much networks, connectivity, and technologies connected to digital will guide not only the redesign of the economy, but in general our social organization. The South cannot be left behind once again in this transformation process, has to recover a gap and needs ad hoc policies, such as those contained in the Plan for the South, not national, but territorial policies, in order to avoid a relapse of the results in the national areas of excellence that would act as natural attractors. Ad hoc policies and tools for the South that have the courage to overcome what clearly appears to be no longer competitive in favor of innovative sectors

capable of attracting energy and interests. The large market space opened by aerospace technologies and their use for ever newer and innumerable purposes can certainly be a thriving field to support the growth of the digital economy in the South. Having dedicated attention to this sector in the SOUTH Plan, and to what the district has done in recent years as a case of excellence, is certainly acceptable and gratifying. However, it is necessary to immediately enter the new framework of global competition which cannot be separated from an effective digital infrastructure of the South and from a program of training and development of the new skills of the digital economy. ”

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