DTA and Arthur D. Little win the ESA tender « Satellite applications for Public Safety »

DTA and Arthur D. Little win the ESA tender

« Satellite applications for Public Safety »

ESA, through its ARTES Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems programme, ensures the competitiveness of European industry in the world market by stimulating research and development in a wide range of new technologies, and promoting applications that involve the combined use of space-based satellite systems.

Communication services and networks are essential for institutional services – at national, regional or local levels- and to support operations in fields as various as transport, finance, health, energy production and distribution, public safety, etc. These institutional and public-regulated needs are addressed by the new ESA’s ARTES 4.0 “Space System for Safety and Security (4S)” Strategic Programme Line. In support of the 4S initiative, ESA Space Solutions launched new invitations to tender for user studies aimed at identifying and assessing the needs for new applications which will benefit from future secure SatCom infrastructures, as well as other space and non-space technologies.

In this frame, the DTA and Arthur D. Little are proud that their proposal to have been selected by ESA for the tender « Satellite applications for Public Safety ». The proposed study aims to establish a dialogue among the user communities, the proponents and the ESA staff (through the proponents) to contribute to the identification of the needs and the definition of the system requirements for the future secure SatCom systems. Such needs shall be established in cooperation with users and stakeholders from the essential services, transport and public safety vertical sectors. Satellite communications is the main focus, but combination and integration with other space assets such as Satellite Navigation and Satellite Earth Observation are also targeted.

Early identification of future needs at global level is essential for building a European, more secure and resilient digital systems including the space segment. Civil protection, safety and security services, as well as private markets (air-traffic management, maritime management) all need ubiquitous, secure, autonomous, accessible and resilient communication, SatCom already are exploited, but more opportunities will come.

« With Arthur D. Little » concludes Giuseppe Acierno, President of DTA, « we strongly believe in the importance of space services and applications for the benefits of European citizens, for improving life on Earth and for boosting economic growth.”