Services to support the works of Space2Waves Work Package 2 (WP2) aiming to implement a fact-facting mission in the UAE

Services to support the works of Space2Waves Work Package 2 (WP2) aiming to implement a fact-facting mission in the UAE

The Distretto Tecnologico Aerospaziale, or Technological Aerospace Cluster, (henceforth DTA or the “contracting Space2Waves Partner”), located in Apulia Region, acting under powers delegated by the European Commission, GRANT AGREEMENT NUMBER — 951122, is launching this invitation to the public tender for the development, establishment, and the operation of Space2Waves WP2, Preparatory activities for internationalization.

Space2Waves is the continuation of the SpaceWave project, which has successfully developed an internationalization strategy to accelerate the Earth Observation (EO) technologies global deployment in Blue Growth and support European SMEs’ competitiveness. Four countries have been identified with the highest potential for European SMEs: Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). For UAE, in particular, we selected the following areas of interest: United Arab Emirates (UAE); Ports maritime traffic, fisheries, aquaculture, desalination, infrastructure and security.

The main objective of Space2Waves is to promote access to international markets for European SMEs involved in the development and provision of EO products and services in support of Blue Growth. Thanks to a global internationalization programme, European SMEs will have the chance to prepare themselves, participate in matchmaking missions in target countries, and benefit from follow-up actions to maximize the initiated collaborations (business agreements, collaborative projects, etc.). Space2Waves brings together with DTA, other 5 European clusters – Pôle Mer Méditerranée as lead Partner (FR); Aerospace Valley (FR); Marine South East (UK), Corallia (Greece) and Forum Oceano (Portugal) – with a perfect balance between blue economy and space sectors. All have joined the SpaceWave Alliance, a partnership agreement with common goals towards access to third markets. Space2Waves partners will encourage the involvement of other EU clusters in the Alliance.

DTA is inviting

Economic operators interested in formulating the best economic offer for the provision of the following related services of consultancy to support the works of Space2Waves Work Package 2 (WP2) aiming to implement an effective and successful internationalization strategy for the benefit of EU SMEs in the United Arab Emirates. The operators will have to meet the following premises:
– Have experiences in internationalization of SMEs in United Arab Emirates
– the operator must show an office in the United Arab Emirates.
The specific objectives of this consultation are:
• Contacts research (at least 4)
• Remote meeting organization

Calendar: the activities shall be organized between March and May 2021.

The offer that is intended to be proposed in response to this notice, accompanied by company profile / presentation, must be sent to the DTA scarl via PEC at the following address:
indicating as object: Offer for consultancy services in UAE
by 16 February 2021, at 12,00.

The estimate / offer received after the deadline will not be admitted to this market survey.
It is understood that no right arises to the economic operator for the simple fact of the presentation of the quote / offer.
All bidders will be given feedback on the outcome of the evaluation of the bid / quote sent, by e-mail and will have the value of notification. To bidders who do not win the tender, but whose experience is nevertheless assessed qualitatively adequate for their institutional and design purposes, the DTA may request authorization for inclusion in its supplier register.
The Market Survey Manager will proceed with the award even in the case of receipt of a single offer, as long as it is valid, appropriate and convenient, as it contains adequate qualitative elements.
The Manager, in evaluating the offers, will attribute a significant weight to the quality of the previous experiences of the bidder in similar activities.
For the preparation of the offer, the company may request further information on the DTA scarl
timing of publication of the calls for projects in question.

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