DTA among the 20 proposals selected by ASI for innovative missions

DTA among the 20 proposals selected by ASI for innovative missions

The Italian Space Agency (ASI), with the aim of stimulating the national fabric of both academic and industrial space research in the field of nano-satellites, has launched a development program dedicated to Cubesats to be implemented through participation in the optional program of the ” European Space Agency GSTP (General Support Technology Program).

The ASI initiative aims to:

  • to increase national competitiveness in the nanosatellite sector through the realization of missions for cubesat;
  • bring to maturity technologies / services under development through an in-orbit demonstration that can contribute to the reduction of time-to-market and development costs;
  • demonstrate through the use of cubesat new architectures and types of missions also in synergy with existing systems;
  • encourage the introduction in future ASI space programs of innovative and enabling technological and design solutions, based on the use of cubesat, with the aim of improving the robustness and performance of space systems;
  • consolidate the roles of excellence present in the areas considered critical and strategic for the national space community.

«We are proud, comments the President of the DTA Giuseppe Acierno, to have been selected among the 20 innovative proposals for a future nano / cubesat mission. Beyond the final result, it is an important step that enhances our scientific and technological skills and strengthens the collaboration between our members. ”
The tender was attended by Research Centers, Universities and companies for a total of 49 proposals with a high technological and innovative content and covering the three lines provided for in the call: technological demonstration missions, enabling new architectures, technologies and mission concepts, scientific missions, missions oriented to downstream applications and services.

Photo © ASI