DTA, Medish and the Municipality of Taranto sign an agreement European Digital Innovation Hubs

DTA, Medish and the Municipality of Taranto sign an agreement for the restricted tender promoted by the European Commission for the establishment of the European Digital Innovation Hubs

Following on a national tender; In 2020, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of University and Research and the Ministry for technological innovation and digitization; selected the DTA, the Regional Mechatronic District (Medish) and the Municipality of Taranto to compete in the future European tender foreseen by the Digital Europe Program.

The future tender of the European Commission foresees the adoption of the main emerging technologies, in particular artificial intelligence, high-performance computing and cyber security, in different sectors: manufacturing 4.0, health, life sciences, agri-food, aerospace, the creative industry and the main Made in Italy supply chains.

The winners of the European tender will have the task of ensuring the digital transition of industry, with particular reference to SMEs, and of the public administration, through the adoption of advanced digital technologies, Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing, Information Security.

To meet this objective, and create synergy between the proposals presented, the DTA, Medish and the Municipality of Taranto have agreed to merge the proposals already selected by the MISE into a single proposal with the aim of maximizing the probability of success of the initiative and avoid territorial fragmentation that would weaken the proposal.

“We already had in the national tender” comments Giuseppe Acierno, President of the DTA, “candidate the proposal in partnership with the Campania Aerospace District, convinced that the extra-regional collaboration and the synergy between the two districts are requisites capable of giving greater strength to the proposal and providing the best support for local businesses. The agreement with Medish and the Municipality of Taranto is nothing more than a further affirmation of our way of operating in an open and collaborative system logic. By sharing our knowledge and skills, our infrastructures and laboratories, our European collaboration networks “, comments Giuseppe Acierno, President of the DTA,” we will submit to the European restricted call a unitary proposal that sees the merger of the projects of the three Poles in establish a single digital innovation hub that supports the transition of Apulian SMEs to digital “.

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