Bari Innovation Hub: perspectives and opportunities

Bari Innovation Hub: perspectives and opportunities

Bari Innovation Hub (BIH) will be the place where researchers and stakeholders will experiment with new forms of mobility and logistics, with the goal of:

  • Increasing knowledge on the topics of autonomous driving and Smart Cities.
  • Increasing the capacity of Local Entities – public administration, research, and business – promotes innovation and explores new business models.
  • Attracting capital and investment, thereby improving the competitive positioning of the economy – local and national.

How? Experimenting with innovative solutions – related to artificial intelligence, IoT and Blockchain – which will have 5G (or in general nomadic networks) as a common denominator and enabling technology.

What will be offered in the BIH will be a unique and rare possibility: playing with autonomous driving with a high degree of technological maturity (Level 4/5 – according to SAE International classification – Society of Automotive Engineers). The natural theatre for this open-air experimentation will be the Fiera del Levante, one of the city’s best-known neighbourhoods. Also, the topic of blockchain will be of interest to this project: 5G data coming form numerous and different sensors will be packed and certificated as big data.

Within the BIH, the DTA will continue its Urban Air Mobility (autonomous or remotely piloted) roadmap. It began in 2011 (around the Grottaglie airport infrastructure) and now it will find – in the City of Bari – a strategic way to integrate the logistics using drones into the urban districts.