Satellite Applications for Public Safety – New and innovative satellite solutions

Satellite Applications for Public Safety – New and innovative satellite solutions

Our society, economy, security and sovereignty are increasingly dependent on the digital infrastructure and more specifically on communication networks: any lack of coverage in some areas or loss of availability due to accidental or intentional disruption may have widespread impact and very negative consequences. In that context, it is growingly perceived that the appropriate integration of secure next generation satellite components in our telecommunication infrastructure may greatly help to increase its overall resilience to any kind of disruption, bring additional capacity and ensure its pan-European coverage.


The “Satellite Applications for Public Safety” which is part of the ESA Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) 4.0 Strategic Programme Line “Space Systems for Safety and Security (4S)” has the objective to identify and define a set of services based on highly innovative Satellite Communication (SatCom) systems to support Public Safety agencies including Law Enforcement, Fire Brigades and, Emergency Services. This study focuses in particular on satellite-based services for Public Safety sectors, and explores a set of seven applications, described in the deliverable #1 as technical note (TN1), which may benefit most from an increased use of secure SATCOM solutions and in particular of a Next Generation SATCOM infrastructure.

The applications described and assessed in this study have been identified in close collaboration with the users and stakeholders’ European communities, with the objective to contribute to the Next Generation SATCOM European Infrastructure exploratory system studies.

Based on the feedback provided by the stakeholders, three applications have been shortlisted and deeply analysed (technical outcomes presented in the deliverables TN2, TN3 and TN4). The applications that have been selected are the following:

  • Smart connected vehicles enabling fleet management and optimized routing during interventions
  • On demand monitoring of impacted area using UAV
  • On field broadband connectivity through vehicles or portable devices

Currently, for what concern the project status, the first two reviews out of a total of four (PM1, MTR, PM2 and FR) have been successfully completed within the planned time schedule. In Progress Meeting 1 (April 8th, 2021), the three shortlisted applications were formalized and validated with ESA and the draft version of TN1 was successfully presented; in Mid Term Review (May 18th, 2021), the final version of TN1 and the draft versions of TN2, TN3 and TN4 have been successfully validated; PM2 will be held on June 22nd, 2021 where the final version of TN2, TN3 and TN4 will be presented; The Final Review (FR) is planned for the first half of July and the TN5 will be presented (roadmap, recommendations and guidelines for the European satellite industry in order to develop the proposed applications and services).