Experimentation of use of drones for beach surveillance

The DTA, in agreement with the Municipality of Bari, has organized an exercise calibrated on the service for the remote surveillance of the beaches in order to monitor gatherings incompatible with the limitations due to the management of the COVID19 pandemic with the aim also of showing the potential of drones, remotely piloted aircraft, for urban safety The technological demonstration, which has already included some exercises carried out in recent days on the Pane e Pomodoro and Torre Quetta beaches in Bari, was carried out in collaboration between DTA and the Local Police of Bari (PLB) which provided numerous operational and logistical indications to assist the DTA in operations.

More information: https://www.dtascarl.org/2021/08/27/sperimentazione-di-utilizzo-droni-per-sorveglianza-spiagge/

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