SKEYE: Incoming mission Montenegro industry delegation visits Apulia Region

DTA, lead partner of the Interreg IPA-CBC Italia-Albania-Montenegro project “SKEYE – Strengthening Key aErospace technologY for smart transport monitoring systEms”, is hosting the Incoming mission named “Montenegro industry delegation visits Apulia Region” to be held on the 13th April 2022 at the Campus Università di Bari – Sala Multimediale, primo piano, Dipartimento Interateneo di Fisica, M. Merlin.

The project SKEYE aims to improve cooperation among three regions – Puglia, Albania and Montenegroin the field of aerospace systems, in order to get ready to face future challenges related to the increasing applications of space services and Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Within the SKEYE project, the project partners DTA, Albania Civil Aviation Authority – ACAA (Albania) and IEC Tehnopolis (Montenegro) are cooperating to:

  • build common innovation capacities through smart initiatives,
  • create an attractive system of experimental infrastructures (airports, metropolis, underserved areas,) for innovative companies or start-ups,
  • reinforce industrial relations among the three economic systems.

The incoming mission organized by DTA and IEC Tehnopolis will create the perfect setting for cooperation among Italy and Montenegro in the aerospace field: about 20 economic operators operating in Italy and in Montenegro will meet at Campus Università di Bari. Participants will learn the project context, objectives and framework, and will share knowledge and experience in order to identify complementarities and best practices. The main goal is to reinforce and harmonize future cooperation and to support sustainable development and growth of the Adriatic-basin social system.

At the conclusion of the incoming mission, DTA and IEC Tehnopolis will promote the industrial community and will lead to identify project proposals fitting to the research and industrial community. Innovation and demonstration projects will exploit knowledge and infrastructures available in the regions to develop innovative products and services. The beneficiaries of this process will be the whole social system, thanks to smarter, greener and more connected cities, more resilient territories, more efficient and less environment impacting transport services moving toward an intermodal logistic.

We inform you that the event will be held in strict compliance with all the rules laid down by the anti-COVID-19 regulations.

For more information, please contact:

•             Antonio Zilli,

•             Aida Pipiko,

•             Miljana Peković,