“Regional Symposium in Redu/Wallonia and Space Business Networking Events” organized by Nereus

On Thursday 2 June the “Regional Symposium in Redu / Wallonia and Space Business Networking Evening” was held in the Belgian city of Transinne as part of Nereus activities.

NEREUS (Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies) represents the interests of European regions that use space technologies while highlighting the regional dimension of European space policy and programs. Indeed, the key mission of NEREUS is to explore the benefits of space technologies for European regions and their citizens, as well as to promote the use of space and its applications. The symposium intended to propose some European success stories attributable specifically to the Aerospace Technological District DTA and the French Cluster / Technopole of Aerospace Valley.

The Symposium was attended by Giuseppe Acierno – President of the Aerospace Technological Cluster – who presented the history of the Cluster, the reasons for its birth, its initial objectives, the strategies and actions implemented to develop what today is repeatedly referred to as a of the best successful European experiences in the aerospace sector