The DTA present in Madrid at the meeting: European Network U-Space stakeholder

The meeting of the European network u-space stakeholder was held in Madrid a few days ago at the Technical School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering, under the aegis of the European Commission, DG MOVE, Eurocontrol, EASA and SESAR JU. 

One day focused on :

– the state of the art of the development and use of unmanned aircraft in Madrid – other initiatives in Europe to accelerate the integration of drones in the airspace. 

Several European representatives  took part in the event including, for Italy, Aeroporti di Roma  and the DTA. 

The DTA President, Giuseppe Acierno, presented the project started together with the city of Bari and other industrial partners to experiment how drones can offer delivery, monitoring and surveillance solutions. 

“Al this was an important opportuniry opportunity” highlights the President Acierno “to meet and discuss with other European actors; to promote and transfer our best  practices and consolidate our relations with our European partners”. 

The path started a few years ago by the DTA together with the municipality of Bari, represented by Deputy Mayor Eugenio Di Sciascio, constitutes one of the best practice in the panorama of European cities set for a gradual transformation that see the use of innovative technologies,  including new forms of urban transport of goods and people.