Drones and new technologies for the future of cities

There were about 600 participants in the first day of Drones Beyond which ends today in Bari at the Fiera del Levante. Many representatives of some European municipalities, Italian and European space and control agencies and large companies engaged in aerospace activities took part in the event, which addressed the issue of Urban air mobility in Italy and in Europe. The activities were coordinated by journalist Michele De Feudis.

The mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro, recalled the great work done in recent years to strengthen the use of innovative technologies in city government. “It was an extraordinary journey that allowed the city to become attractive also for many young people who are no longer forced to emigrate”. It was the deputy mayor Eugenio di Sciascio, delegate for innovation, who illustrated the work carried out with the Aerospace Technological District in the House of Innovative Technologies and the projects that have been developed to test activities through which to control the territory and offer innovative services to citizens. The president of the Region, Michele Emiliano, absent because he was involved in the Ilva dispute, was replaced by the president of Aeroporti di Puglia, Antonio Vasile.

The president of the Aerospace Technology District, Giuseppe Acierno underlined that “the first day of Drones Beyond 2022 highlights how much the issues related to the future of our cities and the role of new technologies are not only for insiders, but involve and interest citizenship widely. Over 600 visitors from Italy and abroad to populate the various areas set up for conferences, exhibitions, shows and competitions. It is certainly a message that we take and that motivates us to proceed with greater determination in the creation of skills, competences and value for citizens and businesses”.

In the afternoon, in the Fiera del Levante area, flight demonstrations were carried out for land control and monitoring activities and for the transport of goods with drones. In the evening the exhibition in the area in front of the Fiera del Levante with 100 drones in flight.

Tomorrow, 18 November, the second and last day of Drones Beyond, during which the activities and further potential of the Grottaglie Airport Test bed and the Bari technology house will be illustrated. It will also be an opportunity to verify the opportunities that drones offer young talents in Puglia.

In the afternoon, other demonstrations in flight are scheduled with the use of drones and the final Drone air show with a hundred drones in the sky over Bari. About 300 Apulian students took part in yesterday’s activities, who also took part in flight competitions with the use of small drones.