GSEW@ITALY, workshop on the use of additive manufacturing and entrepreneurship in space activities a success

The two-day workshop on Additive Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship in Space to stimulate sustainability and economic growth organized by the Aerospace Technology District with the Italian Space Agency and the European Space Agency and held in Mesagne (BR) in the Norman Swabian Castle was a success. 

Giuseppe Acierno, President of DTA
Roberto Formaro, Director of Programs, ASI

The event was sponsored by the Municipality of Mesagne, the Province of Brindisi and the Department of Economic Development of the Apulia Region. 

Antonio Matarrelli, Mayor of Mesagne

GSEW@Italy was attended in attendance by 156 people on the first day and 107 on the second day. Representatives from 82 companies and 23 research institutions and universities took part in the workshop.

During the splinter session, 3 thematic tables were organized on the topics of technologies, materials and software with more than 25 participants at each table. 

Splinter session

The workshop was an opportunity to bring many entities and companies to Apulia to discuss and define new industrial and scientific collaborations to support the challenges and opportunities for growth and employment that space increasingly offers to communities. 

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