Drones Beyond successful with the final show at the Fiera del Levante

The Drones Byond 2023 on Developing Innovative Aerial Services for the Smart City and Precision Agriculture organized by the Aerospace Technology District in collaboration with the Municipality of Bari and the House of Emerging Technologies (Cte) on Oct. 25 and 26 at the Fiera del Levante Fairgrounds concluded after two days of discussion among institutional representatives and industry experts.
The two-day event was attended by 950 people, with about 400 representatives of institutions and companies in the sector from 19 countries. An Israeli delegation was also present.

There was a large representation of high school students from all over Puglia who competed in competitions using drones in predefined circuits.

The closing highlight was the Drones Light Show with two events at 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at the traffic circle on Via Paolo Pinto (in front of the monumental entrance to the Fiera del Levante). It was a show during which 100 drones took to the air, creating figures and choreography that lit up the Bari sky, combining visual arts and technology in an innovative way.
Hundreds of Bari residents admired the drone show.

Dta President Giuseppe Acierno expressed satisfaction with the results of Drones Beyond, now in its third edition. “We are satisfied for having once again contributed to strengthening the role of Puglia and Bari in the national and international aerospace system, bringing together those who are engaged in defining rules and preparing products to grow the use of drones in civil protection activities and industrial use, as in the case of the projects we are working on, to strengthen the control of the territory, to operate safely in port areas transporting weights up to 100 kilograms between the mainland and platforms located at sea, for interventions in the precision agriculture sector and in projects to detect xylella before the bacterium manifests itself through the desiccation of branches and leaves of olive trees. We are also pleased with the activities that involve Apulian schools and allow many young people to measure themselves with the activities of the future and with tools that will increasingly be part of our daily lives,” said the Dta president.