AD-ASTRA, a project to foster European networking among aerospace innovation ecosystems

The AD-ASTRA project aims to create a connected and competitive innovation ecosystem among five European regions: Emilia-Romagna, Madrid, Occitania, Apulia and South Holland. The project focuses on strengthening the aerospace sector in the regions involved while also including contamination with other innovative sectors such as automotive, biomedical, agribusiness and big data. Specifically, the project promotes collaboration and networking among regions with the aim of devising joint research projects, sharing technological expertise and best practices, and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and resources. The sharing of existing knowledge assets is done by organizing exchange events – called co-creation workshops in which key players in regional aerospace ecosystems are involved – useful for providing essential inputs to enable new innovation processes. 

To date, the project is at the halfway point: in these first 12 months, the first work package (WP1- Work Package 1) has been completed. The actions carried out within it were: 1) the creation of an inventory on the technical capabilities of the stakeholders in each region, and on the inter- and intra-regional linkages already established among regions; 2) the identification of megatrends for future technological, social, economic and political development as well as the prediction of new scenarios. In addition, work has begun on the second work package (WP2), for which the DTA is responsible, with the organization of three of the five international co-creation workshops.

Specifically, events have already been held in South Holland, Emilia-Romagna, and Apulia in which the topics of megatrends, training capabilities and skills useful to the aerospace sector, and the topic of test beds that in the future will enable the development of new aerial platforms or solutions were discussed in depth, respectively.

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