ESA BIC Brindisi, agreement signed between the Region of Puglia, DTA Scarl and Puglia Sviluppo

The Apulia Region today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Aerospace Technology District (DTA Scarl) and Puglia Sviluppo to launch cooperation in the aerospace sector through initiatives, activities and programmes to be implemented through specific agreements.

“The protocol signed with the Puglia Region and Puglia Sviluppo,” said Giuseppe Acierno, President of DTA, ”is a further initiative that replicates and consolidates the collaborative and systemic approach that the district has been practising for all these years. This has allowed the birth and gradual development in Puglia of a system of cooperation between the various players that has achieved a remarkable position in the national and international aerospace scene. Being the manager of the first European Space Agency incubator in Italy, located at the Brindisi Research Citadel, is certainly the result of a national competition that has rewarded us as the first and only European Space Agency incubator in southern Italy, but it is also the result of a strategic choice made in recent years to promote the development of new entrepreneurship in the aerospace sector, which is increasingly full of technologies and solutions that are also open to non-typical aerospace sectors. Our aim at this stage of DTA’s development is precisely to create new opportunities and tools for young people who are ready to take up the challenges and opportunities of the market.