DTA and Bari Local Police together for land management thanks to the use of drones

On the occasion of the St Nicholas celebrations, the Aerospace Technology District (DTA) provided support to the Local Police of Bari in observing the public areas where civil and religious events were taking place. On this occasion, the ORION drone operation management system, developed by High Lander and subject of several initiatives in collaboration with DTA, including the detection of illegal dumps in the outskirts of Bari, was made available at the command and control room of the Bari Local Police.

DTA and Highlander collaborated with the Bari local police command and staff in the design of aerial operations with UAS (drones and control stations exchanging information), their execution, and the use of the ORION system for the processing and distribution of videos captured by the drones themselves.

During the two days of festivities in which pilot activities with drones and the ORION system took place, the Local Police personnel validated the potential of a mobile and top-down view of the smart city. The aerial drones made it possible to observe the areas of greatest interest during the different phases and moments of the festivities, even moving rapidly between the different areas, without interfering with the public and without requiring activities from the ground operations personnel. The ORION system also made it possible to securely distribute video data to operational staff and the State Police command and control centre to complement the information picture acquired with traditional methods.

Several areas of technological, operational and regulatory improvement were also identified that will be addressed in the near future. New experiments in territorial control with drones, to monitor the movement of thousands of cars and ensure that everything takes place safely in the presence of thousands of people occupying public spaces, have been planned for some of the next important events to be held in Bari.