Structural Architectures and Innovative Wing Processes

Approved by Decree of the General Director of MIUR prot. 664 / Ric, of 14/10/2011. Project code: PON01_02876.

The research project is carried out by ALENIA AERMACCHI S.p.A, Officine Mecchaniche Irpine S.r.l., LAER S.r.l., Tecnosistem S.p.A., CETMA, Sintesi S.p.A, Second University of Naples, Cytec Italy Srl.

DTA scarl is responsible for the training project attached to the ASIA project; are co-proponents ALENIA AERMACCHI S.p.A., Officine Mecchaniche Irpine S.r.l., LAER S.r.l., Tecnosistem S.p.A., CETMA, Second University of Naples.

Through the ASIA project we intend to investigate innovative solutions to be applied to the wing surfaces of transport aircraft of the regional class by developing and optimizing the manufacturing and assembly processes, with a view to their implementation for the production of representative “full scale” wing components. The design approach is based on the review of known structural solutions, but usually neglected due to cost problems or, at most, used in combat aircraft, therefore, not typically applicable for the regional class, the subject of this research project. The solutions referred to are aimed at weight reduction and high mechanical performance, which as mentioned, is often paid in terms of cost; recently, the development of applications in composite material and HSM (High Speed ​​Machining) milling technologies has made it possible both to create complete “one shoot” wing segments (eg multispar), and to produce components with complex geometry at cost acceptable. The research activities will be aimed at ensuring the structural and technological compatibility of the solutions in relation to the architecture of the wing. To this end, it will be necessary to identify structural configurations, develop preliminary and detailed designs, identify advanced materials suited to the required needs, develop processes supporting the identified configurations, create sub and full-scale demonstrators, test materials, components and full-scale. On the basis of these themes, therefore, the project plans to arrive at the validation of the results on a final configuration through the creation of representative prototypes of wing components and / or full scale primary structural components to be subjected to functional tests.

The ASIA research project was accompanied by the “training project for technicians and specialists for the design of wing surfaces in composite materials”, which aims to train professionals capable of developing and integrating the design and manufacturing technologies of wing components. in advanced composite material, including the integration of flight systems. Furthermore, in order to face the difficult challenge of the global market and therefore compete successfully in the aero-structures sector, it will be necessary to be able to operate continuously and quickly to improve and optimize the performance of the product essentially in terms of weight, functionality and quality but also through the use of innovative methodologies and processes aimed at reducing production times and costs. With specific reference to the themes of the associated research project, the training project intends to train engineers as researchers and research technicians capable of understanding, using and developing the enabling technologies of the “Full Life Cycle Simulation” and the “Lean Production System”.