Technicians and specialists for the design of wing surfaces in composite materials

In order to face the difficult challenge of the global market and compete successfully in the aerostructures sector, it is necessary to be able to operate continuously and quickly to improve and optimize the performance of the product in terms of weight, functionality and quality but also through the use of innovative methodologies and processes aimed at reducing production times and costs.


The training project for technicians and specialists for the design of wing surfaces in composite materials has allowed young graduates to become technicians capable of understanding, using and developing the enabling technologies of the “Full Life Cycle Simulation” and the “Lean Production System”, applied to aeronautical production.

The engineers who participated in the project, winning a scholarship (for 1st level graduates of 23,000.00 Euros and for master’s or 2nd level graduates of 26,000 Euros), and who have successfully completed it are today able to develop and integrate the design and manufacturing technologies of components in advanced composite material, also including the integration of flight systems.

The training course took place over 18 months (July 2012, December 2013) and was divided into lectures, project work and internships; the latter, which lasted for all 8 months, took place at aeronautical production and design companies (ALENIA, ENGINSOFT, SCSI, LAER, Tecnosistem, RAV) and at university laboratories (Second University of Naples, University of Salento, Federico University II of Naples) and research centers (CETMA Consortium).


• Knowledge of the characterization of innovative materials, processes and techniques used in the development of aeronautical structures and in particular wings;

• mastery acquired in the use of C.A.D. systems and computerized systems of numerical analysis (Nastran, Patran, CATIA);

• ability to address the certification issues of aeronautical structures in innovative materials;


supported by the ability to set up and implement a scientific project and to apply the knowledge gained to recognize and analyze the problems of aeronautical structures by choosing, among the consolidated ones, the appropriate methods of analysis, modeling and solution, make of:


Marco, Antonio, Davide P, Raffaella, Giovanni, Ivano, Luca, Davide S., Giordano, Alessandro, Paolo, Mariangela, Massimiliano, Gabriele, Anastasia, Renato, Pierangelo, Nicola, Rossella, Angelo, among the most suitable professionals to meet the skills needs of the aerospace production system.


The project was carried out by the DTA in collaboration with Alenia Aermacchi S.p.A., CETMA consortium, Second University of Naples, Officine Meccaniche Irpine S.r.l, LAER S.r.l., Tecnosistem S.p.A ..


Scientific Manager : prof. Leonardo Lecce, Università Federico II di Napoli

Project manager: dott.ssa Manuela Matarrese, DTA scarl

Project date of start and end: July 2012 – December 2013