Experts in engine design for unpilot aircraft on board (uav)

Today, being specialists in the sector of technologies for the medium-altitude and long-range propulsion of remotely piloted aircraft (UAVs or drones), represents an exceptional opportunity for professional affirmation in the new scenario of aeronautical production. UAVs (or drones) already widely used for military purposes, have application potential in the civil field such as to have already triggered a rapid increase in the demand for services, in particular by public institutions, such as surveillance, control of critical infrastructures, environmental monitoring. , disaster monitoring, agriculture and fisheries, observation and investigations, telecommunications.


The Puglia Region, in particular, with the support of the Aerospace Technological District, in a framework of total collaboration with ENAC, ENAV, Finmeccanica and the Ministries of Transport and Defense, is preparing to build, at the Grottaglie airport (Ta) an infrastructure to support aeronautical manufacturing activities that will become the first Italian test range for the testing and certification of unmanned aircraft.


The solid preparation acquired during the 18 months (July 2012, December 2013) thanks to the participation in classroom activities, project work and internships, carried out in companies (Alenia, CMD, AVIO, ADVANTEC) and laboratories of the University of Salento , has allowed young engineers, winners of a scholarship of 22,200.00 Euros, to develop a vision of a complex system, which does not include only the “engine” product, but to the realization of which different skills, different production and management aspects contribute and economic aspects of the companies that revolve around it.


Laura, Cosimo C., Emanuele D., Andrea, Annetta, Luigina, Gianluca, Antonio, Cosimo V., Cristian, Emanuele B., Stefania, Mario, Stefano, Mauro,


• are now able to oversee the design, manufacture, maintenance of engines, including plant and accessory parts, in harmony with the reliability and safety requirements that are fundamental in the aeronautical field.

• have also acquired the ability to critically and proactively deal with technological innovation within companies, addressing, in particular during internships, complex situations such as the identification of problems and related technical solutions, development and management of projects of scientific and technological research.


The project was carried out by the DTA in collaboration with its partners Alenia Aermacchi, Avio, CMD and the University of Salento and with CIRA – Italian Aerospace Research Center


Scientific Manager: prof. Antonio Ficarella, Università del Salento

Project manager: Manuela Matarrese, DTA scarl

Project date of start and end: July 2012 – December 2013