Technologist of hybrid propulsion systems for aerospace applications.

MEA allowed to create qualified expertise in the areas of research and development that will be developed through the implementation of research project “MEA – Aeronautical Hybrid Energy Management”.


At the end of the training, participants have acquired skills and ability to set, evaluate, analyze and develop hybrid propulsion systems for UAV applications and GA (General Aviation) that optimize performance in terms of energy management on board the aircraft.


Such systems, exploiting advanced systems solutions and technologies in the field of electromagnetic and electric that allow to obtain high power density, high operating frequency and low loss, allow to optimally control the flows of energy on board the aircraft to achieve desired target performance (eg minimization of the consumption, availability of power peaks) making operational and financial benefits.


The provided robust preparation provided gave an overview of a complex system, which includes not only the product “engine”, but are completed with different skills that covered different aspects of production, management and economic of industrial enterprises.


Scientific Manager: prof. Antonio Ficarella, Università del Salento

Project manager: Manuela Matarrese, DTA scarl

Project date of start and end: October 2015 – February 2017