Avviso n. 713/Ric. del 29/10/2010
Titolo III – “Creazione di nuovi Distretti e/o Aggregazioni Pubblico Private”


Experts in "Health Monitoring" of aeronautics structures and components

The  training project SMEA, attached to SMEA research project, aims to provide an opportunity for 6 young graduates to acquire and consolidate skills and ability to operate in the context of micro-technological advanced sensors for applications in avionics.


The proposed training course will enable these young people to acquire skills and to work in the field of design, implementation and integration of predictive models and systems of micro-electro-mechanical sensors and for applications in the monitoring of the state (health monitoring), ground or on board, structures and components, with particular attention to the motor system, of interest to the avionics.


Participants will have the opportunity to strengthen capacity and technical and professional skills, scientific and technological and managerial, both basic and specialized, which will enable them to supervise various tasks and functions within different advanced sectors.


As already pointed out in the research project connected, the development of health monitoring systems are critical to the industry of aviation and aerospace as the detection of abnormal behavior in time of the jet system, will increase the diagnostic capability early and allow the optimization of maintenance interventions in terms of reduced downtime and costs in general. It will also allow to identify any hidden relationships between wear and operating parameters.


These considerations are the basis of the need / opportunity to build professional profiles such as those in this project, in possession of:


  • Thorough knowledge in the processes of growth of materials, design and construction of devices in the field of microelectronics and techniques necessary for their characterization,
  • The mastery of the methodologies for the development of models and simulations for monitoring and prognostic algorithms to interpret the definition of physical data;
  • A knowledge of the possibilities of the development of dedicated electronics for reading signals such as those from microsystems realized;
  • ability in the use of enabling technologies for the design, development, implementation and effective use of integrated systems based on predictive methods and sensorial data and diagnostic and prognostic prediction methodologies of functional and structural integrity of aeronautical components realized in advanced materials, and in particular, innovative production processes (additive manufacturing).


Scientific Manager: Ing. Marco Perillo, Enginsoft

Project manager: Manuela Matarrese, DTA scarl

Project date of start and end: February 2021 – April 2022


Partners:  DTA scarl con  Università del Salento, Enginsoft SpA, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) e Novotech srl