Technicians and researchers experienced in microelectronic and
packaging technologies of innovative electronic devices

The development of new radar systems for the ever growing needs of reliability and safety in air traffic at different levels requires the development and engineering of new microelectronic processes, new materials and technologies for packaging, the characterization of devices for monitoring and control of the different process phases, testing of the final device and quality and reliability checks.

This results in the need / opportunity to have professional profiles capable of generating and applying new knowledge for the development of innovative devices in the field of radar, in the various stages of development of the device from design to manufacturing, packaging, testing. and quality and reliability control; able to interact, with companies, universities, research centers, with company functions related to R&D activities: from strategy to design, production and distribution, with particular attention to the life cycle of the product, processes and services and their competitiveness and sustainability.

These are the training objectives that the “training project for technicians and researchers expert in microelectronic technologies and packaging of innovative electronic devices” has set itself and achieved.
In 18 months the participants in the training course, young graduates and recent graduates, winners of a public competition and a scholarship (for graduates of 23,000.00 Euros and for graduates of 26,000 Euros) were able to learn and consolidate knowledge, skills and abilities to operate as technicians and researchers in the field of microelectronic technologies and packaging of innovative devices. And this through lectures, project work and internships carried out in companies (SSI, ALFAIMPIANTI, SITAEL, SALENTEC) and research centers (Consortium OPTEL, DITECH Technological District, IMM-CNR).


Alessandro, Giovanni T, Aldo, Edoardo, Teodoro, Antonio, Daniele, Paolo, Christian, Elena, Giuseppe, Giovanni R., Nicola, Francesco have acquired:


• in-depth knowledge of materials and processes for the design and construction of microelectronic devices for radar and their packaging;

• the mastery of the methods of characterization and analysis of the devices;

• the ability to critically and proactively deal with technological innovation within companies, because they are able to identify problems and solutions and set up, develop and manage scientific and technological research projects that solve them.


Scientific Manager: prof. Lorenzo Vasanelli, Università del Salento

Project manager: Manuela Matarrese, DTA scarl

Project date of start and end: July 2012 – December 2013