Vocational course for Researchers specialized in the study,
characterization and design of innovative machining technologies and
tool coatings for aeronautic applications

The vocational course project TEMA, closely related to the contents and the development of  TEMA Research Project, is born  to prepare new professional profiles for research activities finalized at the introduction, in the industrial realty, of new machining methods, supported by the development of numerical optimization models of machining processes.


The vocational course participants have acquired the skills in new methods of machining processes, in particular, high-speed milling, cryogenic turning and design of the equipment required for the machining execution.


At the end of the vocational course, they are able to define the technological problem, through the use of more performing cutting parameters, that are the results of new process technologies and new tool typology.


Researchers, that who participated at  the project, had the opportunity to acquire the following specific skills:


  • Development of methodologies aimed at the identification, evaluation and introduction of innovative technologies to improve the productivity in the industrial process;
  • Innovative technologies of machining for the aeronautical components realization;
  • Numerical methods for the optimized design of the machining cycle;
  • Optimized design of equipment necessary for the machining execution and integrated in the process development;
  • Optimal tools selection to perform the specific typology of machining;
  • Engineering capability in order to find process solutions able to reduce the experimentation aimed to the characterization.


Scientific Manager: prof. Antonio Ficarella, Università del Salento

Project manager: Manuela Matarrese, DTA scarl

Project date of start and end: May 2015 – December 2017

Partners: DTA, Avio Aero, Politecnico di Bari, Università del Salento, CETMA, ENEA